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Go Green or Go Home

Do you ever stop and think what the impact of your every day activities have on the environment? Most people don’t.

Keep it Eco strives to create and share content that inform the public on what it can do to better the health of our home, Earth. The organization also shares events taking place in the DFW community that involve sustainability.

Founders Enrique and Maritzabel believe that we owe it to future generations to keep Earth clean and healthy, but that’s not always easy. There’s huge corporations that control how items are created and transported. However, propaganda works, and the more Eco-content is shared, the more aware others will be, and use their money and vote to help change the legal and economic structures of the world.

Here’s an example of the content Keep it Eco has created.

Maritzabel hopes to create more content in the future to help her spread low-waste and sustainability information to others. This was a good start.


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