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Don’t Turn Away the Good-Looking

With today’s beauty standards, it doesn’t matter how qualified you are for a job; if you’re not pretty or ugly enough, your chances of making an income are hindered. Writer, Elizabeth-Lalli-Reese, said it best:

“…we, as a society, set up the very situations that create this continued and often overlooked type of discrimination in the workplace. It’s just as inappropriate to deny a qualified worker employment or advancement opportunities on the basis that they’re ‘beautiful’ as it is to shut out the person in a wheelchair.”

That’s why when it comes to the question: Do you believe that married couples should avoid hiring an attractive home helper? My answer is no.  Couples need to avoid hiring a home helper that’s unprofessional, disrespectful, and can’t do his or her job.

One shouldn’t be discriminated because of his or her good-looks. It’s a person’s professionalism and qualifications that matter.

In a post on, Amber Persephone, a nanny and primary school teacher, described her shock when a potential employer told her that she wasn’t a suitable nanny. The reason being that: she would attract unwanted attention.

Amber Persephone

“Just because I or any other nanny may be considered attractive, it doesn’t make us incompetent, a danger to children or a possible problem in a marriage,” said Persephone.

“I would never risk anything that could end my career, or indeed break up a family.”

In the post, she continues by stating that not only does being judged on her attractiveness made her feel bad, but it also encouraged the ‘hot nanny’ stereotype, which came with the assumption that cheating is encouraged.

This stereotype can stop nannies, like Persephone, from doing a job they love and deprive children from a great and loving caretaker.

“When I am looking for a job as a nanny, my intentions are always to work for a family that has the same values and ideals for looking after children as I do, not for a possible romance with the children’s father,” she said.  

Ask yourself how you would feel if you were discriminated from doing a job you love because of  how ugly or good looking you are. It happens all the time, but I wouldn’t want to add to the discrimination.


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  1. I do like this post. But I wonder, is it discrimination? Like, is that the proper word for it? Or could it be caution. Recently, a situation happened with a friend where an un-wed aunt was planning to stay with her sister, but because this gave way to the temptation of infidelity between the aunt and her sister’s husband, the plans were canceled. It’s unfortunate, but can we really blame the individuals who are trying to protect themselves and their marriage? Sure we could say that if the marriage was strong, it shouldn’t be a problem. But why risk it? Just to avoid the discriminating against someone else? Isn’t protecting one’s marriage more important? Sorry if all this is too forward.


    1. You make a good point. Protecting one’s marriage is definitely more important, but this is my school blog and I’m practicing how to argue for or against a subject. I had a hard time choosing which side to stand by, but ultimately I chose to focus on discrimination because I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to save a marriage; however, I have been discriminated, so it was easier for me to write coming from a place of discrimination to answer the question: “Do you believe that married couples need to avoid hiring an attractive home helper?”.

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